TeamBodyPro was founded in June 2009 and ever since it has grown bigger and bigger and has expanded all over North America and parts of Europe. TeamBodyPro was designed to  get every pro athlete from every sport around the world and combine ourselves as a global team. Whether it’s Bodybuilding, Power-lifting, Soccer, Baseball,NFL Football,NHL Hockey, we are looking to make everyone be a part of TeamBodyPro.

Would you liketo work with TeamBodyPro? We are professionals who can build you a proper diet and give you a proper training program designed just for you and your sport. There’s no better place! We have also launched our clothing line that many of you have seen. You can wear our gear whether you’re in the gym or just wearing it with a pair of jeans. We wanted to be different from the rest and that we are! Because only Pros know what the Pros want to wear… TEAMBODYPRO!