Youthful Image Research anti aging serum

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Mutant Valerio Mosca Training with Frank McGrath – Hitting the Leg Press Hard

Valerio Mosca Mutant Athlete / Teambodypro who was trained with the likes of Mr.Olympians Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson, Ronnie Coleman and many more top guys is seen here training with Noah Hamilton and Animal athlete Frank Mc Grath. Each and every time a plate get taken off he is adding 5 more reps to the set starting at 10 reps 15 reps 20 reps and so on till he cant get the reps he needs he is taking it to failure. A VERY PAINFUL SET LASTING OVER 3 MINUTES LONG… before this 6 sets of hard leg extensions was performed 4 sets of leg press before this sets 4 sets of hard hack squats and walking lunges was done for this workout session

Jay Cutler heading back to Vegas

After a good weekend here in Toronto Canada we must bring the champion back to the Airport. Jay thanks for having a blast with all the TeamBodyPro guys here. We know we will see you again and hope your flight home is a good one. How does he fit in a normal seat? First class only guys!! Have a great flight home from all of us here at TeamBodyPro!!!


New Online Magazine: Get Jack’d

There’s a new online magazine that has caused some stir to the bodybuilding world. Best of all ITS FREE! Thats right you heard it right free. This magazine has some amazing articles and the inside scoop on whats going on in the real world behind the scenes that only Get-Jack’d finds out before anyone. Find out things that are happening with Jay Cutler, Kia Green, and many others in their personal life.The best pictures the best articles that you will find. All you have to do is sign up. Share this page with friends and make this on line magazine grow bigger and bigger.Here is the link for all of you ENJOY!! TeamBodyPro

Mr.Olympia 2013

So with the MR.Olympia right around the corner I’m guessing everyone has their favourite to win this year. Is it going to be Phil Heath going for number 3? Kia green ready to make his first win? Will it be the big man from Iran Ramy? or will Jay Cutler come and get his title back and pull a number 5?

We caught up with Jay and asked him some questions… here is what he said.

Question: How is your prep going this year Jay?

Jay Cutler:The prep has been awesome. I been getting a lot of therapy work on my whole body my training has been amazing I feel real good. I went back to working with Chris Aceto and I think the both of us make up a good team. I was really looking forward to seeing what I can do and I feel really good at this point just 28 days away. I’m excited.

Question : What do you think your improvements have been this year ?

Jay Cutler: I can say that I have brought my waist down and made it flatter doing a combination of different things as I want to appear wider in shots and give the look of illusion. My arms I would say are a little fuller and just a combination of different machines I’m going to bring in a really good package.

Question: What do you think of Phil Heath ?

Jay Cutler. Phil is a great bodybuilder. I found him years ago at his 1st show and we are best friends. We chat every day on the phone and he’s a great friends. Amazing physique on Phil.I cant say anything bad about him. He has something that I want back and thats being Mr.Olympia and he has something that he wants to keep so we are both working very hard and our goals.

Question: Who will come out in the top 3 at this years Mr.Olympia?

Jay Cutler: Honestly I’m just focusing on myself bringing in a great package and looking at 1st place. I wish I could tell you who will be 2nd of 3rd place but I will let the judges deal with that.

Question: Anything else you wanna tell Teambodypro?

Jay Cutler: Yes I wanna thank the fans that have been around me from the day that I started and believed in me. I have worked very hard for the show and lots of people have kicked me to the curb. I know everyone has their favourites to win but there isnt anything I have left out for this show. I have a saying Refuse to Lose and have made up some shirts for the fans to share also. You can get them on line here at this link or go above in the STORE and find the Refuse 2 Lose shirt

There isn’t a whole lot left of them but these are a limited edition shirt . I’m hoping people will support me buy wearing one of them and keep the dream alive…Looking forward to #5 in a couple of weeks… thanks Teambodypro for your help over the past few years and lets rock vegas !

Hoodies and Jay cutler signature shirt

We have added to great things to out site a new Mutant hoodie and also the Refuse 2 Lose jay Cutler signature shirt. Only 200 of these have been made its super nice and a deal of a lifetime… you can now order your right on line today… Hope you guys are all hitting the gym hard… thanks for the support from teambodypro

Jay Cutler is Returning here in Toronto for his comeback seminar and Guest Pose

Don’t you dare miss this seminar/pose with the 4x Mr.Olympia Champion. He’s coming here to Toronto to speak to us all on what his game plan is going to be on the current Mr.Olympia Phil Heath. Come, watch and listen to his new strategies and plans of attack to win back his 5th Mr.Olympia title. This will be a once and a lifetime event to see the worlds best bodybuilder who graces the pages of every bodybuilding heath and fitness magazine on the stands. For the first 50 tickets sold there is going to be a surprise gift bag that will be worth over $40.00 dollars. Everyone in city will be at this event so hope you can come and be apart of it. There will be many other ifbb pro’s on hand dj’s playing music free give aways and many more things! Can Jay Cutler pull off another win and be in the record books again? We are soon going to find out right here right from the man himself.

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